We started engaging with TF in March 2019. At the time TF had a negative attitude towards leading a positive lifestyle. He was constantly in trouble at home with mum, was only attending School one day a week and not engaging with any other providers who he was referred to. TF was misusing drugs and had a bad social group.

Through our engagement with health & wellbeing, TF was attending gym and also started to appreciated our communication over the phone and mentoring. After 12 weeks from our first engagement TF was attending School regularly and also started engaging with WDP to treat his substance misuse.  This worked by AIR finding a solution and a common meeting ground which suited both WDP & TF, we agreed to meet at the School once a week on his lunch break with WDP as TF would not go to the WDP service hub. We constantly monitored his attendance with WDP and his School to ensure he stayed on course. 

By October 2019 TF’s YOT order finished, however due to our positive commitment and working relationship he continued to engage with us, although he no longer needed to.

After his order had finished, we recognised a change in his behaviour as he was getting himself in trouble with the police and started to drop off school as well as hanging around with the wrong crowd and coming home with a large sum of money. His mum saw this and wanted him to move out of London as she felt this will be suitable for him. We quickly made a housing referral for them to support the move for him to live outside London. We also thought this will be good for TF as it was looking like they’ll be trouble ahead. A house in Telford became available. TF refused and went missing, disappearing and not staying at home. He also had a warrant out for his arrest. Due to our footprint in the borough, we managed to find him, met with him and went down to the police station to hand himself in. We informed his mum who came along. He handed himself at 10pm in the evening.

He was in custody for 3 days, charged with robbery and got a HDC. We raised our engagement, picking him up from school regularly and taking him to the gym then dropping him back home. Due to this positive structure he didn’t get himself in any trouble, stayed in everyday and built a better rapport with his family. 

TF now has a positive attitude, improved his communication, good family relationship, better health as he’s reduced his substance misuse and better fitness as he attends gym regularly. No longer offending and complying well with YOS. 

TF is now living in Milton Keynes with his mum and sister. He has enrolled into a new school and we are still in contact with him to ensure he’s continuing leading a positive lifestyle.