Prepared to go the extra mile

AIR Network’s mentor team are the engine behind our success, our dedicated team regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure service users get the best possible support, this often includes out of hours calls, crisis calls and providing extra detailed touches that others do not.  We asked our mentors to find […]

AIR Network responds to Corona and secures pilot programme funding

AIR Network  were quick to move our delivery to a purely video and call based system service in response to the corona virus crisis and we are delighted to report that not only was our delivery maintained but was in fact strengthened, with almost no drop in service user attendance and outcomes. As a result of […]

The AIR Way

At AIR Network we believe that everyone has the right to a second chance, in reality, anyone can make mistakes, fall in the with the wrong crowd or make poor choices that unwittingly end up life changing. We recognise that many of the issues that are barriers to a happy and fulfilling life are often […]